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Account Management System API

📄️ Structure for Add Merchant Partner Requests

Using your bearer token to authenticate, fetch the fields that you will need to complete an [Add Merchant Partner](/api/ams/partner-profiles-create-dynamic) request. (Note that these fields have been previously agreed upon between you and Splitit.) In addition, note that the [response's](/api/ams/guide#2-view-the-required-format-for-your-add-requests) *RequestUrlEndpoint* here includes the full URL (including *profileID*) that you will need to add new merchants using the [Add Merchant Partner](/api/ams/partner-profiles-create-dynamic) endpoint.

📄️ Send Invite Emails

Instead of inputting merchant partner information yourself, use a merchant partner's email address(es) to send them to a web link with a prefilled form. If the *profileID* and email address(es) you send the endpoint are valid, the system will create a prefilled form and will send invitations to the email address(es) you provide (if your inputs aren't valid, you will get the appropriate error messages). As with the other endpoints, you must add your bearer token. Note that if you don't have your *profileId*, you can get it by calling [Structure for Add Merchant Partner Requests](/api/ams/partner-profiles-get-structure) and looking at the end of the *RequestUrlEndpoint* field in the response.