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Installments will grow your business

Unlike other leading BNPL providers, Splitit is not a payment method, an offers engine or a super app. We want brands to own their customer relationships—that’s why we provide the tech and let you control the rest.

Easy deployment

Quickly add Splitit to your existing solution

You have numerous choices for adding Splitit to your business—whether you have a bespoke website or use a platform like Shopify.

Platform Plugins
Add Splitit in app form to an existing e-commerce platform, such as Shopify or WooCommerce.
Checkout Solutions
Add Splitit to an existing website using premade UI with light-PCI requirements—either a Hosted Form or the highly customizable Hosted Fields.
Direct API Calls
For a completely custom, server-to-server solution, start and maintain Splitit plans with a few API calls.
No Code
Start a Splitit plan in seconds with our vPOS (Virtual Point of Sale). Set up a QR Code, text message, email, link, or call for your shopper.

Join the thousands of merchants successfully using Splitit to increase brand loyalty.

You'll own the end-to-end journey with no third-party registration or redirects, and no data harvesting or competitive cross sell to your shoppers.

330k shoppers

With active plans

Shoppers use their issued but unused credit on major credit cards at the point of sale, and continue to enjoy perks like cash back and points.

$431 million in transactions

Merchant transactional volume processed last year

80% of issued US credit goes unused, and Splitit helps you unlock these funds.

$1,000+ AOV

Highest AOV in the BNPL space

Increase your average order value and reduce cart abandonment by simplifying checkout and removing price barriers.

Partners: Splitit has ongoing collaborations with leading companies across sectors

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