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Update Plan by Number



Locate a plan by installment number then carry out post-authorization activities related to the plan, such as updating the order number, updating the tracking number, updating shipping status, or updating the plan amount (if it hasn't been captured yet). You can also use this endpoint to capture the first installment from a plan that has only been authorized but not yet captured.


Path Parameters

    installmentPlanNumber stringrequired

Header Parameters

    X-Splitit-IdempotencyKey string
    X-Splitit-Idempotency-Behaviour string

    Possible values: [DisableReprocessingOnError, AllowReprocessingOnError]

    AllowReprocessingOnError is the default, which means that if you have a failed response or a timeout, the original request is marked as having failed, but a new request can be sent using the same key and will be reprocessed; if you set it to DisableReprocessingOnError, a request with the same key will not be reprocessed after a failure, and if the key is used again, you will get the same error response you got the first time


    TrackingNumber string
    RefOrderNumber string

    A merchant-specific identifier value provided at creation of the plan by the merchant

    ShippingStatus string

    Possible values: [Pending, Shipped, Delivered]

    Capture boolean

    Set this as true to capture the first payment for a plan that has been authorized but not captured.

    NewAmount number

    Use to update plan amount if plan amount hasn't been captured yet (i.e. AutoCapture was set to false in the Initiate or Create operation). In addition, 1. amount must be more than original amount 2. first email to customer will be sent upon capture




    RefOrderNumber string
    InstallmentPlanNumber string
    Status stringrequired

    Possible values: [Initialized, PendingCapture, Active, Cleared, Canceled]

    ShippingStatus stringrequired

    Possible values: [Pending, Shipped, Delivered]