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Get Splitit Token



To get a token, you will need your client_id and client_secret from your Merchant Portal. In your Merchant Portal, go to Credentials on the left-hand side. Find your Username (which is client_id) and generate or use an existing Active Password (which is client_secret).

You can authenticate directly in the Request box on this page (at right). For grant_type, enter client_credentials, for scope type enter api.v1 api.v3, then enter your client_id and client_secret. Scroll down and press SEND API REQUEST. In the response, copy your access_token, which you can use to execute the other endpoints in this API reference.

  • Note that unlike the other endpoints, your authentication payload should use the format application/x-www-form-urlencoded.




    grant_type string

    i.e., client_credentials

    scope string

    i.e. api.v1 api.v3

    client_id string

    e.g., APIUser000032201

    client_secret string

    e.g. sU9tOVHOcM6jPOjjWZpXZs4V0cmc01BZfChF5afrj71Dz2COn2




    access_token string

    The bearer token to add to your header

    expires_in integer

    How long token will last

    token_type string

    Type of token

    scope string

    The scope granted to your request