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Shopper Portal Guide

Login Options

Your shoppers have three options to login to their portals at

  • Login with Google.
  • Login with Facebook.
  • Use a magic link.

Google or Facebook

Google: Authorize with G Suite to login.

Facebook: Authorize with Facebook to login (as with Google, the email of the account must be the same email as the shopper used to create the transaction)

facebook and google login

Magic Link: Login with a link they receive by email:

magic link

Clicking the link leads to the sending link window:

sending link window

After clicking Send Me the Link, a "Check Your Inbox" message is shown with an explanation and a link for support:

check your inbox

The shopper receives an email with the link:

email in inbox email body with link

Clicking on the link opens the shopper portal on the dashboard page, with the user already logged in.

The link is for one-time use only. Clicking on the link again shows an error page:

magic link expired

The link is valid for 15 minutes.

Updating Your Card

You can update your card in the shopper portal using the Update button under Actions. Note that when you do so, an authorization for the remaining full amount of the plan (not a charge) will be placed on the new card.

Getting Support

The "Help" widget is accessible from every page of the shopper portal (including login), and is there for shoppers to get help via self serve or by contacting the Customer Support team (through live chat and email).

help button

help widget