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Merchant Portal Guide

Getting Started

You should have obtained your username and temporary password via email from Splitit in order to access the Merchant Portal.

If this is the first time you are logging in, you will be asked to reset your password. The system will then log you into the Splitit Merchant Portal. If you have not yet received this information, please reach out to

Logging into the Splitit Merchant Portal

  1. To log into your Merchant Portal, enter (we recommend you save/bookmark this URL for easy access).

merchant portal login

  1. Use your username and password, or your Google or Facebook authorization to login.


The dashboard provides an overview of Splitit activity during a specific time period. Examples of information the dashboard provides are:

  • Converted Sales
  • Average Order Value
  • Number of Plans
  • Plans by Status
  • Latest Transactions
  • Transactions by Country or Currency

You can access additional data for the various sections with a calendar option, by clicking on the date range box at middle top. In the popup UI, you can specify a new range or make preset selections (“previous” or “current”) by day, month, quarter, week or year.



The Transactions window shows a chronological list of all transactions in your system, and includes the columns Date, Time, Store Name, Order ID, Splitit Plan ID, Amount, Installment (i.e.,”1 of 6”), Status, Shopper’s Name, Fraud (status), Funded (status) and Method (of payment). Specify the number of results to show per page in the bottom right of the window.

Use the search bar to search by Order ID, Plan ID, Name or Email, which you can filter with the Filters button, isolating results by Email Address, Shopper's Name, Plan Number, Plan Amount, Reference order, Transaction Id, Date, Status, Additional (i.e., test plans and plans on hold), and Fraud Status.

transactions window

Status Definitions

  • In Progress- Active Plan with one or more installments charged
  • Pending Approval - Email has been sent to the shopper to approve the plan (please keep in mind, this email will expire after a period of time)
  • Pending Shipment - Plan is only authorized, not charged. Once the goods are marked as “shipped” in a plugin or in the portal, the first charge will begin
  • Delayed - Plan has been on “Pending CC (Credit Card) Update" for more than 90 days or there is a transactional issue
  • Pending CC Update - Plan was declined by gateway due to insufficient funds, expiration date, or other reasons. New card details need to be provided by the shopper, within seven days
  • Cancelled - The plan was cancelled (typically refunded as well), meaning no more installments are set to be collected
  • Initializing - The plan is in process of being created: If payment is not authorized after several hours, the plan will turn into status “Deleted.” These are most likely recent abandoned carts.
  • Deleted - Pending approval/authorization that was deleted by the system, after expiring. These are most likely non-recent, abandoned carts.
  • Cleared - Plan is paid in full; all payments are cleared.

Detail View

Clicking into a transaction opens up a detailed view of your shopper’s plan.

detailed view

The horizontal bar at the top shows you the Current Plan Amount, Outstanding Plan Amount, Charged Amount, the Plan Term (number of installments), and Status. You can also see past and future installments, including dates and how much was or will be paid on each installment.

detail view bar at top

The vertical bar at the left shows Customer Address, Order ID, Plan ID, Terminal, Source, Funding Type, Payment Method, Store Name, and Refund (information). Click the Audit Log button to get a downloadable list of all actions related to the plan.

detail view vertical bar

In the middle left vertical panel, there are a few important functions to note:

  • Plan - Print a statement, edit your customer’s plan, update or enter a new card
  • Payments - Charge Next lets you charge the next installment, Mark in Dispute lets you indicate a chargeback on one or multiple charges
  • Status - Ship (not pictured) lets you charge and start a plan that has only been authorized, Hold Plan stops collecting payments, Cancel Plan ends the installment plan without a refund, Full Refund refunds all captured payments and cancels authorization, Partial Refund refunds a set amount and cancels authorization. (Note that whenever a full refund is issued, a plan is canceled, but this is not the case with partial refunds.)
detail view functions


There are six reports available to you in your Merchant Portal:

  • Reconciliation Report - Reconcile between Splitit internal records and gateway transactions
  • Funding Report - Details of all credit operations related to merchant funding
  • Debit Report - Details of all debit operations related to merchant funding
  • New Plans Report - New installment plans generated during a selected time frame
  • Outstanding Amount Report- Details of outstanding expected shopper amounts
  • Shopper Outstanding Report - Additional details regarding outstanding amounts

Viewing Desired Report Data

You can add, organize, and remove fields from your report data previews based on your needs, by utilizing various wizards . Learn more in the Merchant Reports Guide.

Report Subscription Tool

Subscribe to receive specific reports sent to your inbox daily or monthly. Learn more in the Merchant Reports Guide.

Creating a Plan

Creating a new payment plan is easy.

Step 1: Navigate to Create Plan on the sidebar and choose your store.

create plan

Step 2: Enter Order Details. The order number is optional (you could use, for example, invoice number, salesperson name, etc.).

create plan order details

Optional Advanced Settings:

  • Shopper Language: The language for shopper payment form/emails.
  • Installment Options: Default shows the full range of installments, i.e., 2 through 12. Alternatively, you can select the installment options to show individually.
  • Deposit Payment: Set the first payment to be a specific amount; the rest of the installments will be divided equally.

Click Continue.

Step 3: Choose the checkout method (four options):

choose checkout method

Option 1 - Email: Send an email to the shopper to open a form to complete payment.

email methodemail method confirm

Option 2 - Send an SMS: Send a text message to the shopper to open a form to complete the payment

sms methodsms method confirm

Option 3 - QR Link: Allow shoppers to scan a unique QR code that will direct them to a form to complete the payment

qr link methodqr link method confirm

Option 4 - Phone Order: For phone orders, you enter the payment details and payment method when you are on the phone with the customer. A confirmation link will be sent via email, which will allow the shopper to approve the plan with a single button press.

phone order method

Branding Preferences

Customize the look and feel of your checkout by adding your logo to your payment page. You can also add your logo to shopper notifications such as confirmation emails and cart abandonment reminders.

branding preferences


Anyone in your organization with user access can be found in this tab.

There are three Permission Groups for users:

  • Account Owners have full permissions and can perform all actions
  • Managers can perform all actions except adding or managing users
  • Cashiers can ONLY create plans and see transactions. They cannot change Installment Plans once they are created.

Add a new user by clicking the teal icon Create New User at upper right.

creating new users

Edit or delete a user by simply clicking on the user. This lets you edit Name, Email, Phone, Culture (language) and Role (Permission Group).

Personal Details UI

The Personal Details UI can be found by clicking on your initials circle in the top-right corner. Here you can change your name(s), email, culture (language), phone number and password.

change personal details

Reset Your Password

If you forget your username and/or password, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to and click the Forgot password? link at lower right

forgot password

Step 2: Enter your email address, complete the reCAPTCHA and click Send.

forgot password form

Step 3: Click the "Reset my password" link in the email you receive.

Step 4: After resetting your password, return to to login.

Contact Us

Support is available 24/7 to help you with:

  • Questions about processing
  • Questions about paying a plan
  • Issues with your Splitit admin

Contact us using:

  • Live chat or email through your Merchant Portal
contact us