Merchants Methods

The methods in this group let you create merchants and also view merchants you have already created.

Get Merchants

Returns a list of all of the merchants you have created. Required query parameters are NumberOfRowsInPage (the number of rows per page in the response; i.e. if you have 30 merchants and specify ten rows per page, you’ll get three pages back) and PageNumber (the page number within the response to show, i.e. you may only wish to show the second page of a three-page response).
The response contains the names of the merchants within Splitit’s system, the legal names of the merchants, the merchants’ phone and country, merchants’ annual sales (if you provided them), merchants’ status (call /data/status-legend to get a reference document for these), and merchants’ temporary ids in the Splitit system, merchantTempId. (Note that merchants ultimately receive a permanent id that is different from this via a separate process).
Sample Response
"publicName": "NewMerchant",
"legalName": "New Merchant",
"phone": "+9727658535562",
"country": "US",
"annualSales": "7",
"status": "Splitit_MerchantCreated_Succeeded",
"merchantTempId": "a7b069a1-066f-4c81-b6fa-899f8c7d3c0a"

Get Details (for one merchant)

This method returns data for a single merchant. Specify the desired merchant by adding its merchantTempId as a parameter in your call. For each merchant, a public name, a legal name, a phone number, a merchantTempId, an email, and a status are returned.
Sample Response
"publicName": "NewMerchant",
"legalName": "New Merchant",
"phoneNumber": "+9727658535562",
"merchantTempId": "a7b069a1-066f-4c81-b6fa-899f8c7d3c0a",
"email": "[email protected]",
"merchantStatus": "Splitit_MerchantCreated_Succeeded"

Create Merchant

This method creates a new merchant and thus requires a JSON body. This body has seven required fields—publicName, email, phoneNumber, countryIso2 (ISO-2 code), legalName, currencyCode and vertical—as well as numerous additional optional fields for further describing the merchant.
Sample Request Body
"PublicName": "Test Co",
"Email": "[email protected]",
"Tier": "5",
"PhoneNumber": "+9737258135562",
"CountryIso2": "US",
"LegalName": "Test Co Inc",
"BusinessStreetAddress": "Overton",
"BusinessCity": "Overton",
"BusinessPostalCode": "123123213",
"BusinessCountry": "US",
"BusinessState": "CO",
"Vertical": "Communication",
"SubVertical": "Telecom",
"NameOnBankAccount": "Joe Test",
"IncorporationCountry": "US",
"AccountNumber": "1312321",
"RoutingNumber": "12312321",
"TaxIdNumber": "12321312",
"TotalAnnualSales": "4",
"PlatformName": "Big Commerce",
"CurrencyCode": "USD"
Sample Response
"merchantTempId": "d24f45f7-5931-4d72-9a9d-c8ecdb77e40b",
"merchantStatus": "PendingApproval"
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