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Version: 1.0.0

Key Exchange Server API

Splitit's Key Exchange Server allows you to both create and store encryption keys in order to enable secure communication with Splitit. You can use keys to download encrypted reports or credentials from Splitit, to verify the authenticity of Splitit communications, to send encrypted communications to Splitit, or to have Splitit verify the authenticity of your communications.

The Key Exchange Server lets you generate keys, register keys you have generated yourself, fetch info for keys, and delete and edit existing keys.

General Guidelines

  • Each key is associated with an owner, identified by a unique code given to you by Splitit support.

  • Each key consists of a public component and may have an optional private component.

  • When creating keys, if an expiration date is not explicitly set, a default expiration date is applied.

  • It is possible to use multiple keys in parallel (expiration overlap is allowed). The recommended key expiration is 3-6 months.

  • For debugging and issues, please preserve the response header x-splitit-traceid and provide it with the issue description and request body (if possible) to Splitit support.

  • Key owners have the ability to define a set of allowed subdomains (enabled by Splitit support). These subdomains are relevant to mTLS (mutual Transport Layer Security) settings.