Custom 3DS
If you are using Splitit as a white-label solution for creating and completing installment plans, you may need to have Splitit handle 3DS. Specifically you will receive a 641 error when completing an installment plan with the Create API. To process 3DS at this point, you will need to call a function from the Flex Fields library.
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    Begin by importing the Flex Fields library into your code (substitute "production" for "sandbox" if relevant):
<script src=""></script>
Upon receiving the 641 error, call completeCheckout() from the Flex Fields library, passing in the PublicToken you received from the Initiate call that initialized the plan:
publicToken: publicToken,
skipCallingCreate: true,
}).onSuccess(function (data) {
alert('Payment was successful! Check the console for the result.');
}).onError(function (err) {
alert('Error. Check console for details.');
See more here.
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