Quick Start

This Quick Start will help you set up your first Splitit Product, allowing you to integrate Splitit directly into your website (if you are using Splitit with an external platform like Shopify or WooCommerce, please refer to the Platform Plugins section of the documentation).
1 - Fetch API Credentials
Register for a sandbox account here or for a production account here. You will receive a confirmation email: click Activate my account in the email. You will be directed to a page where you can login with Google or alternatively to a page where you can Update Password. After one of these respective flows, you will be taken to your Splitit merchant portal.
You'll need three items from your merchant portal to make Splitit API calls:
1) An API Username and 2) API Password, which you can find under Credentials-> Splitit Integration Credentials. Copy the API Username and generate an API Password.
3) A Payment Terminal API Key, which can be found under Credentials-> Gateway Provider Credentials.
2 - Choose an SDK or Use Postman or cURL
To call the Splitit APIs, you can use one of multiple SDKs, or Postman or cURL. All Splitit API requests are POSTs and must be made over HTTPS with the header parameter "Content-Type = application/json." Make sure that credentials are stored securely on your server and transmitted directly to the Splitit APIs.
3 - Choose a Splitit Payment Product
You can integrate Splitit directly into your site using one of two products, Hosted Payment Solution or Flex Fields. Both options have identical, low-PCI requirements. The Hosted Payment Solution comes in multiple versions, 1. a full redirect to Splitit, 2. a modal overlay on your site, or 3. an IFrame on your site. Flex Fields, on the other hand, essentially breaks the Splitit UI into smaller, more customizable components.
4- Get Your Basic Header Ready to Authenticate
You'll authenticate to Splitit by adding your API Username and API Password, base-64 encoded, to a header in each API call (note that this calls OAuth under the hood).
5- Call Initiate to Establish a Plan
Initiate establishes a new Splitit installment plan, but doesn't finalize it. The response body from Initiate includes the credentials you need to activate both the Hosted Payment Solution (a URL) and Flex Fields (a public token).
To call Initiate, you'll need a new credential: your Payment Terminal API Key (see 1. Fetch API Credentials above) in addition to the basic authentication header from Step 4. As before, remember to set your environment to "sandbox" or "production." Copy the cURL code below to call Initiate.
The body of Initiate contains many parameters for plans, allowing you to set up success webhooks, 3DS, automatic capture of payment when plan is finalized, billing address (mandatory for funded plans), etc. You should set the RedirectUrls in the body now (the user goes to these upon finalization success or failure).
curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Basic QVBXDFMlcjAwMDAzMjIwMDp0QjJyam9XeTdjWDdiQnlkTUZiWWo2UUZ2OFU5M1NvWlBZeHdTdFN3TVhqUTVYZTJaMA==' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"RequestHeader": {
"ApiKey": "3cd8654d-6978-47f3-8e19-97cbc06c14f2",
"PlanData": {
"Amount": {"Value": 121,"CurrencyCode": "USD"},
"RefOrderNumber": "xxxxxx",
"AutoCapture": true,
"ExtendedParams": {
"AnyParameterKey1": "AnyParameterVal1",
"AnyParameterKey2": "AnyParameterVal2"
"BillingAddress": {
"AddressLine": "1st Street",
"AddressLine2": "Apartment 1",
"City": "New York",
"State": "NY",
"Country": "USA",
"Zip": "10016"
"ConsumerData": {
"FullName": "John Smith",
"Email": "[email protected]",
"PhoneNumber": "1-844-775-4848",
"CultureName": "en-us"
"CreditCardDetails": {
"CardCvv": "123",
"CardHolderFullName": "John Smith",
"CardNumber": "4111111111111111",
"CardExpYear": "2029",
"CardExpMonth": "8"
"PaymentWizardData": {
"RequestedNumberOfInstallments": "1,2"
"RedirectUrls": {
"Succeeded": "http://localhost/Succeeded",
"Failed": "http://localhost/Failed",
"Canceled": "http://localhost/Canceled"
"EventsEndpoints": {
"CreateSucceeded": ""
6- Finalize the Plan
After Initiate, plans can be finalized using several different methods, all of which call the Create API under the hood. The easiest way to finalize is the Hosted Payment Solution (Redirect), which is a URL on the Splitit site the user is redirected to. Look in your JSON response body and find CheckoutUrl at the beginning, and go to it with a browser.
Enter in the dummy credit card data "4111-1111-1111-1111 exp 01/29 CVV 123." When you press Pay, you will be redirected to the URL you specified in the request under RedirectUrls. You have now created your first Splitit plan, so you can proceed to see its details in your Merchant Portal.
7- Get Paid
Log into your merchant portal for instructions on payment.
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