Terms-and-Conditions and Privacy-Policy Checkbox

Custom CSS

The terms-and-conditions and privacy-policy checkbox (ID splitit-terms-conditions, needs a JavaScript selector) is a required field that can be customized with CSS by targeting its ID.

Custom External Versions

You can also implement a fully custom external terms-and-conditions and privacy-policy checkbox by using the following flag in your JavaScript:
termsConditions: {
isCustomImplementation: true
This will cause the default terms-and-conditions/privacy-policy UI not to render and is specifically for cases when you need to show the Splitit terms and conditions and privacy policy in a different way (such as by injecting the TermsAndConditionsUrl and PrivacyPolicyUrl that you got back from an Initiate call. Please be aware of the legal ramifications of your changes, since the Splitit terms-and-conditions and privacy-policy checkbox is an important element of buyer verification. When you are using an external terms-and-conditions and privacy-policy checkbox, you must verify that the customer checked the box by calling flexFieldsInstance.setTermsAccepted(true). Note that this setting does not work with the Flex Fields one-line UI.
Last modified 7mo ago