Quick Preset: Classic vs. Horizontal Mode

Flex Fields in its default classic mode (class splitit-design-classic) uses four separate payment fields for its four secure elements (cardholder name, card number, date, and cvv). You can render these elements in just two fields (one for name and one for the other three elements), by substituting the following div for your splitit-design-classic div:
<div class="splitit-design-horizontal" id="splitit-card-data"> //new
<div class="splitit-cc-group">
<div id="splitit-cardholder-name"></div>
<div class="splitit-horizontal"> //new
<div id="splitit-card-number"></div>
<div id="splitit-expiration-date"></div>
<div id="splitit-cvv"></div>
</div> //new
<div id="splitit-installment-picker"></div>
<div class="splitit-horizontal-cc-error-box" id="splitit-error-box"></div> //new
<div id="splitit-terms-conditions"></div>
<button id="splitit-btn-pay"></button>
Last modified 7mo ago