Error Box: Custom

The error box (optional) can be styled with CSS or you can make a custom one.
To make a custom error box that will display all of your error messages, add HTML as follows:
<div id="custom-error-box" style="color: red;">
Remove the selector #splitit-error-box from your JavaScript if you have it (you don't need a selector).
Next add CSS to disable the default error behavior:
.splitit-flex-field-error {
display:none !important;
Finally, add code to assemble the error box (make sure to include the jQuery library to use this):
}).onError(function (err) {
$(err.errors).each((idx, el) => {
if (el.showError) {
$("#custom-error-box").append(`<li>[${el.code || 'client'}], Error: ${el.description}</li>`);
Last modified 7mo ago