Once the module is installed successfully, the next step is to configure payments. Go to
WooCommerce->Settings->Payments and select Enable Payment.
You can also change the order of a payment method by dragging and dropping the payment method to the desired position.

Connection Settings

You will need to add the necessary API credentials before enabling the plugin. You can find your credentials in your merchant account. Go to the Splitit admin and click on Credentials to reveal your API keys.
Next, add credentials under Connection Settings.
  • API Username
  • API Password
  • API Key
  • Select the environment: Splitit offers Sandbox and Production environments. All development work and testing should be done in a sandbox environment. You can find your credentials in the merchant account for both sandbox and production environments as noted above.
Once all settings have been entered click on Save. Once saved, click on the Check Credentials link. This will validate your credentials.
If credentials are correct, the admin will see a success message “Successful login! API available!” If credentials are not valid, the admin will see an error message “Sorry. We were unable to find these credentials.”

Payment Method Settings

3DS On/Off

3D secure verification can be enabled or disabled in the configuration.
If “On” is selected, the user will be required to pass through the 3D secure verification which is shown as a popup. It needs to be successful to place an order.


Off – Only authorization is requested when a customer makes a purchase. This ensures that the customer’s account has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. To capture money, a shipment needs to be created.
On – Authorization is requested. Once the payment is authorized, the capture process will begin. This will perform a capture to transfer funds from the customer's card to the merchant’s account.

Number of Installments

This configuration sets up installment ranges that are desired based on the order amount. This setting only accepts numbers and non-overlapping ranges. For example, the following configuration is valid:
To add an installment configuration, enter the Amount From, Amount To, No. of Installments.
Click Add to add multiple rows.
Click the Remove icon to remove the row.
Important: Added range should not overlap. If you add an overlapping range this will throw an error.
Wrong configuration:
100-500 | 2,3,4
300-700 | 4,7,8
Correct configuration:
100-500 | 2,3,4
501-700 | 5,6,7

Set On-Site Messaging Number of Installments

On-Site Messaging shows Splitit graphics throughout your website with installment breakdowns and has more configuration options below (for more information on Splitit's On-Site Messaging click here). In this section, however, you can set the default number of installments to show for On-Site Messages. If you don't set anything, the highest number of installments is taken from the ranges above.

Enable Splitit Per Product

You can choose to enable Splitit only for certain products in your store. You can specify "Disabled" (default), "Enable Splitit if the cart consists only of products from the list below", or "Enable Splitit if the cart consists of at least one of the products from the list below."

If you chose to enable the feature, you can enter in SKU numbers in the blank below:

On-Site Messaging Selection

As mentioned above, the On-Site Messaging setting manages the display of On-Site content on the storefront.
Select the pages to show the content on the storefront.
You can also select the placement for each element, choosing between "left," "right," and "center".

On-Site Messaging CSS

This block allows CSS customization of the Splitit On-Site Messaging blocks.

Flex Fields CSS

This block allows customization of the Splitit block at the checkout page.

Storefront Checkout

The Splitit Payment method shows up on the storefront based on the enable/disable settings in the admin configuration.
Customers have the ability to select the installment plan duration based on plugin settings.
If a product amount is out of the amounts Range in settings, the Splitit payment method will not be shown.
If 3D secure is not enabled in admin configuration and if the transaction is successful, the user will see a success page upon clicking the Proceed to Splitit button. If the transaction isn't successful, the customer will see an error message.
If 3D secure is enabled in admin configuration the user will see a popup after clicking on the Proceed to Splitit button.
Once the 3D secure verification is successful, the user will be redirected to the order success page.
If the verification fails, the user will see the error on the payment page.

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