Admin Panel

Admin Order Details

You can see order details in the WooCommerce admin.
If Splitit AutoCapture is off, order status will be Pending. To capture money, click on the SHIP button.
This will start installments and capture money. The order status will be changed to Processing.
If Splitit AutoCapture is on, order status will already be Processing.

Admin Order Refund

Admin can refund an order:
Refund manually (cash) - create manual refund without changing status in Splitit.
Refunding manually is not recommended as it changes the status of the order in WooCommerce and doesn't refund transactions in the Splitit account. Use this type of refund for cash refunds only.
This supports both full and partial refunds.
Full refund will refund the total amount and will close the order (refunded status). To create a refund, open the order in the admin panel, and click on the Refund button.
Additional QTY boxes will be available to choose an amount to refund. Add a reason and click on the Refund via Splitit button.
The customer will receive a message that the installment plan has been cancelled and order status will be changed to refunded.
Partial refund will refund the specified amount and keep the order open.
To create a partial refund:
  • Open the order
  • Click on the Refund button
  • Choose QTY to refund
  • Specify Shipping amount to refund if applicable.
  • Add a reason and click on the Refund via Splitit button.
NOTE: Order status will not be changed, only the amount.
Admin can see changes/order statuses in WooCommerce admin:

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