SAP Commerce Cloud

Splitit's SAP Commerce Cloud plugin lets you quickly add Splitit and its best features to your SAP site. You can enable and configure the plugin using the instructions in this section.

How the Checkout Process Works

The Splitit fields appear when "MONTHLY CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS - NO FEES" is selected at checkout:
Customers can select installment plan duration based on your settings (note that if the product amount is out of your amounts ranges in settings, the Splitit payment method will not be shown).
If 3D secure is not enabled in your configuration and the transaction is successful, the user will see a success page by clicking the Pay button. If the transaction isn't successful, the customer will see an error message.
If 3D secure is enabled in your admin configuration, the user will see a popup upon clicking the Pay button. Once 3D secure verification is successful, users will be redirected to the order success page.
If 3D verification fails, the user will see an error on the payment page.
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