Codebase & Composer Dependency

The Splitit Magento 2 module codebase can be found here.
To install, copy the codebase to the app/code directory of your Magento website.
Run composer require splitit/sdk from your Magento root. This will install the Splitit SDK and related dependencies to support the module methods.
Run php bin/magento setup:upgrade
Run php bin/magento setup:di:compile and php bin/magento static:content:deploy


Once the module has been installed successfully, the Splitit configuration appears under Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Splitit Configure

Merchant Credentials

Add the necessary credentials before enabling the module. You'll need a Payment Terminal API Key ("API Key"), an API Username ("Username"), and an API Password ("Password"), which you can get here. Select the environment and hit Save Config. Once saved, choose Test Credentials to validate your credentials.
api credentials

Payment Action

For Payment Action under Payment Settings choose:
  • Authorize – When a customer makes a purchase, only an authorization is requested. This ensures that the customer’s account has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. If you have this setting on, you'll need to start installments for each order.
  • Authorize and Capture – An authorization is requested, but once the payment has been authorized, a capture process begins, which transfers funds from the customer's account to the merchant’s account.
authorize and capture
For orders that are Authorize only, a capture request (Invoice generation) can be done in Magento Admin.
3D Secure Verification
3D secure verification can be enabled or disabled in the configuration. If “Yes” is selected, then during checkout, user will see the 3D secure verification popup and verification will need to be successful to place an order.
3d secure verification

Splitit Sort Order

This sets where Splitit will appear in relation to your other payment providers ("1" means it will be first on the list).
sort order

One-Step Checkout

Check this box if you are using a one-step checkout plugin or other customized checkout functionality.

Installments Configuration

This configuration sets up installments based on order price ranges, and it only accepts non-overlapping ranges. For each row, enter the starting amount, the ending amount, and the number of installments. To add another range, click “Add” to add a row. Finally, use “Save Configuration."
  • The minimum order amount needed to show Splitit as an option on the storefront is taken from the low price in your range configuration (or the default is $0).
  • If the price or total cart amount exceeds the limits you have set, the Splitit payment option and On-Site Messaging will also not appear
In the field below, you can choose the number of installments by which to divide the customer journey amount. For example, if the product on display costs $100, and you enter "5" in the field, then the message would say "or $20/month with Splitit". If this field is not set, then the number defaults to the highest number in your Installments Configuration.

On-Site Messaging

Splitit's On-Site Messaging lets you inform a customer early on in their journey on your website that Splitit will be available at checkout. It uses banners, price breakdowns, and educational materials, and Splitit messages can be added to your home page, footer, product page, shopping cart, and elsewhere.
Select the pages where you would like to show Splitit's On-Site Messaging on your storefront. Note that Splitit's On-Site Messaging for product and cart pages also take into account minimum order amounts.
Product Page:
Home page:

Storefront Checkout

The Splitit payment method shows up in a storefront when it has been enabled in the Magento Admin and when the minimum order amount is greater than either $0 (default) or the low amount set in your range configuration.
After filling in a shipping address, pressing "Next," and selecting Splitit, customers can enter their credit card information and select the number of installments using a slider. As they slide, the payment schedule displays details of the plan selected.
Once a plan is selected, they must check "I accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy". After the order is placed with the Place Order button, if 3D secure is enabled in the admin configuration, then the user will see a popup.
Once 3D secure verification is successful, users will be redirected to the order success page. (If the 3D verification fails, the user will see the error on the payment page.)
Next the customer will have the opportunity to "Create an Account," if they haven't yet, or "Continue Shopping."
If you have "Authorize" selected in your settings for Payment Action, once a customer has checked out, you will need to start installments for their installment plan.

Start Installments

Start an installment plan and capture the first payment as follows (you need to do this only if you have "Authorize" selected under Payment Action).
Go to Sales > Orders, and then "View" the order in question. Once you're on the order's page, select "Ship" at the top of the page. On the "New Shipment" page, select "Submit Shipment."
Note that this operation calls the StartInstallments API behind the scenes.

Magento Admin Order Details

Admin Order View

Order details can be viewed in the Magento Admin (Sales > Orders).
Admin Order Cancel
For orders paid with Splitit, a “Cancel Without Refund” button appears in the Magento Admin.
Admin Order Refund
Orders can be refunded using the Admin. Refunds can be requested when the order has been invoiced. This supports both full and partial refunds. Full refund will refund the total amount and will close the order. Partial Refund will refund the specified amount and keep the order open. To request a refund, go to Sales > Order. Select the order you want to refund. In the order details click on Invoices from the left navigation. (Alternatively, you can go to Sales > Invoices).
Click View on the invoice.
Then click on Credit Memo.
On the Credit Memo page, you can specify the quantity, select the products and also define the amount to be refunded. Finally click on Refund (not Refund Offline).
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