Testing with Our Gateway Mock

Merchants can run a series of preconfigured tests to make sure their gateways are properly connected to Splitit and are functioning correctly with respect to outcomes for the five primary operations (auth, capture, refund, void, auth/capture). You have the option to run complex tests, which simulate multiple parameters (e.g., "failed auth on second installment), and simple tests, which simulate a single parameter (e.g., "bad cvv"). Note that these tests only work in Splitit's sandbox environment.

Connecting to Gateway Mock

To run a test, your account must be connected to the gateway SplititMockV2 (the default assigned upon onboarding), in your merchant admin. On the left side, click Credentials then go to tab Gateway Provider Credentials. Add "1" for User and "2" for Password then click Save.

Running the Tests

To run a test, you will need to enter a specific string, called a "magic string," into the address line on a Splitit payment form when checking out (for example, you could use the Hosted Payment Solution).

Testing Options

Magic String to Enter
Simulated Parameters
"Charge Failed Installment 2"
Failed capture on second installment of plan
"Authorize Failed Installment 2"
Failed auth on second installment of plan
"Refund Failed Installment 2"
Failed refund on second installment of plan
Invalid zip code
Invalid address
Invalid CVV
Expiration date does not match card
Address or zip code/postal code failed validation
Credit card number is not valid
Card not able to be processed (general error)
Not enough available credit on card
Card declined (general error)
Last modified 2mo ago