Soft Descriptors

Soft descriptors can be overridden/configured by the merchant, and they can be used for various purposes such as setting the name of a sub-merchant.

Supported Gateways

Stripe Direct
Convenient Payments

How to Set Soft Descriptors

Soft descriptors are set in the following, cascading, order of importance (i.e. #1 overrides #2, #3, and #4; if 2# is set but not #1, it overrides #3 and #4, etc.):
1. By API using ExtendedParams: when calling the Initiate or Create APIs, specify the parameter DescriptionOverride in ExtendedParams in the PlanData object:
"PlanData": {
"ExtendedParams": {
"DescriptionOverride": "YOUR SOFT DESCRIPTOR",
2. By Splitit support in a merchant's account: soft descriptors can be set permanently there.
3. By API with RefOrderNumber: the RefOrderNumber (which like ExtendedParams is set in the PlanData object for Initiate and Create), is passed as the soft descriptor if #1 and #2 are empty.
4. By default with the text Splitit. If none of the above have been set, Splitit will be sent as the soft descriptor.
Last modified 7mo ago