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Version: 1.0.0

Chargebacks API

The Chargebacks API allows merchants to manage open disputes via API, rather in the Merchant Portal (which has identical functionality). The Chargebacks API provides endpoints to accept chargebacks (decline to fight them), get information about chargebacks, submit and delete evidence for chargebacks, and submit and delete comments for chargebacks. Things to know-

  • A merchant is allowed to perform activities on chargebacks that are associated with its merchant id only
  • Splitit support needs to enable the proper scope for you to use this API
  • Each Splitit API request requires HTTPS and must include a Splitit token attached as a bearer header
  • Each Splitit API request with a body should also include the header parameter Content-Type = application/json
  • PUT/POST requests may include an idempotency key in the header list to ensure that operations are not duplicated
  • Response headers include Splitit trace ids that can be used for support purposes