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Reports by API

You can get reports either in your Merchant Portal or by API. If calling them by API, you can receive either a link to download a CSV file or JSON in the body of the response.

CSV Reports

POST to https://webapi.{environment}

Generates a link that downloads a CSV file via HTTPS.

JSON Reports

POST to https://webapi.{environment}

Returns JSON in the body of the response.

Request Instructions and Example


For environment in the URL, specify either Sandbox or Production. (Now refer to the Request Body Example). Add the name of the report in the Code line (names are below). You also need to add a Merchant ID, which you can find in the response object from Initiate or Create, if you don't have it from another source. Dates are specified in ISO 8601 format. For PagingRequest, Take specifies the number of results you'd like (you will see the total number of available results in the response object under PagingResponse).

Request Body Example
"ReportRequest": {
"Data": {
"ParamsValues": {
"Merchant": [
"{Merchant ID}"
"StartDate": [
"EndDate": [
"PagingRequest": {
"Take": 500
"Code": "Finance.Reconciliation"
"RequestHeader": {
"SessionId": "{get from Login API Call}",
"CultureName": "en-US"

Available Reports with Codes


This report provides a detailed view of the activity on your platform and helps with reconciliation of end-to-end money flow and transactions. Use Finance.Reconciliation to call it.

Outstanding Amounts

This report displays plans and outstanding amounts that have not been charged yet. Use code Finance.OutstandingAmounts to call it.

New Plans

This report displays newly created plans for a date range. Use code Finance.NewPlans to call it.

Merchant Funding (needs to enabled by Splitit support)

This report displays all plans that have been funded, i.e. the merchant received funds from a Splitit entity. Use code Funding.MerchantFunding to call it.

Collect from Merchant (needs to enabled by Splitit support)

This report displays plan installments that have been charged as well as the funds that were collected, or still need to be collected, from the merchant and sent to a Splitit entity. Use code Funding.CollectFromMerchant to access it.