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Get Splitit Token

To get a token, you will need your client_id and client_secret from your Merchant Portal. In your Merchant Portal, go to Credentials on the left and side. Find your Username (which is client_id) and generate or use an existing Active Password (which is client_secret).

You can authenticate directly in the Body box on this page (at right). For grant_type, enter client_credentials, for scope type enter api.v1 api.v3, then enter your client_id and client_secret. Scroll down and press Execute. In the response, copy your access_token and paste it at the top right of the page by clicking Authorize and using the Bearer Token box. Click Save and now you can use your token to execute the other endpoints in this API reference.

  • Note that unlike the other endpoints, your authentication payload should use the format application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
Request Body REQUIRED
grant_type string

i.e., client_credentials

scope string

i.e. api.v1 api.v3

client_id string

e.g., APIUser000032201

client_secret string

e.g. sU9tOVHOcM6jPOjjWZpXZs4V0cmc01BZfChF5afrj71Dz2COn2



access_token string OPTIONAL

The bearer token to add to your header

expires_in integer OPTIONAL

How long token will last

token_type string OPTIONAL

Type of token

scope string OPTIONAL

The scope granted to your request