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Version: 3.0

Installments API

Splitit's Installments API is the primary Splitit tool for establishing and maintaining installment plans. Use it to verify shopper eligibility, create plans with or without immediate authorization, get plan information, update plan status, and process refunds and cancellations.

API Basics

  • Each Splitit API request requires HTTPS as well as the header parameter Content-Type = application/json (if the request contains a body)
  • Each API request must include a token attached as a bearer header, which you need to fetch from Splitit's ID server (see Get Splitit Token)
  • Make sure to address the API URL appropriate for your intended environment, sandbox (testing) calls should be directed to while production calls go to (you can select this at the individual endpoints)
  • It is recommended, but not required, to attach an idempotency key to your API calls to ensure that operations aren't duplicated
  • Note that the API V3 endpoints you call to establish a plan will differ depending on whether you are using your own checkout form (Direct API) or are using a premade Splitit product such as a Hosted Form or Hosted Fields

Plan Statuses

Initialized - Plan was initialized but wasn't authorized (an authorization attempt failed or authorization is pending 3DS)

PendingCapture - Plan was authorized and is pending capture

Active - Plan is in the progress of running installments (still has outstanding amounts to capture)

Cleared - Plan was cleared (outstanding amount is $0)

Canceled - Plan was canceled before becoming active, or canceled before the outstanding amount was reduced to $0