Create enables you to pass in PCI sensitive data directly to the Splitit API, and it requires SAQ-D PCI certification. Create is most commonly used after a successful Initiate to pass in PCI sensitive information (for example, if verification is required to complete a payment). To use Create after Initiate, you pass in the InstallmentPlanNumber you received from Initiate. Although less common, Create can also be used on its own, if all of the required data to start a transaction is passed into it.
A successful Create operation creates an authorization on a customer's credit card, and if autocapture has been set to true within the PlanData object, both authorization and capture of the first installment will be completed. If autocapture is set to false, an additional API call to StartInstallments will need to be completed. If Splitit is unable to successfully secure an authorization on a credit card, an error message will be returned in the response (and should be displayed to the customer). Note that for funded plans, a customer's BillingAddress object must be filled out.
Note that if you are completely managing the input of PCI sensitive data on your side, it’s essential to ensure your customer has approved the Splitit specific terms and conditions, which reside in the PlanApprovalEvidence object (a plan without approval evidence will have the status "Pending Approval," and the first installment can’t be processed). If confirmation is not provided during the creation of the installment plan, you will need to call Approve later.

Example Requests

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Basic QAXCJVXNlcjAwMDAzMjIwMDp0QjJyam9XeTdjWDdiQnlkTUZiWWo2UUZ2OFU5M1NvWlBZeHdTdFN3TVhqUTVYZTJaMA==' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"RequestHeader": {
"ApiKey": "5de8354d-6978-47f3-9e19-97cbc06c14f1"
//"InstallmentPlanNumber": "30278055387316606445",
"PlanData": {
"Amount": {"Value": 505, "CurrencyCode":"USD"},
"NumberOfInstallments": 2,
"RefOrderNumber": "XYZ",
"AutoCapture": true
"BillingAddress": {
"AddressLine": "1st Street",
"AddressLine2": "Apartment 1",
"City": "New York",
"State": "NY",
"Country": "USA",
"Zip": "10016"
"ConsumerData": {
"FullName": "John Smith",
"Email": "[email protected]",
"PhoneNumber": "1-844-775-4848",
"CultureName": "en-us"
"CreditCardDetails": {
"CardHolderFullName": "John Smith1",
"CardNumber": "4111111111111111",
"CardExpYear": "2032",
"CardExpMonth": "8",
"CardCvv": "123"
} ,
"PlanApprovalEvidence": {
"AreTermsAndConditionsApproved": "True"
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